• Internal Training

    Internal Training

    If internal training is part of your business you need your office to provide the right learning environment.

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  • Beautiful Boardrooms

    Beautiful Boardrooms

    "Make the room where important decisions are made into something to inspire those within." 20sixltd understand the importance of having…

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  • Large Office Projects

    Large Office Projects

    Complete project management from initial ideas through to design, implementation and completion.

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  • Bespoke Office Design

    Bespoke Office Design

    "Have your office designed to your very own exacting and bespoke requirements." 20sixltd have extensive experience of helping businesses achieve…

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  • Break Out Spaces

    Break Out Spaces

    "A place for employees to relax, meet, eat, chat, recharge and re-energise." All work and no play makes for unhappy,…

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  • Office Canteens

    Office Canteens

    If you want to keep hold of your top employees give them a reason to stay at work.

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  • Office Ceilings

    Office Ceilings

    Looking up in the world: make sure that when your employees or clients look to the skies what they see…

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  • Functional Furniture

    Functional Furniture

    Functional, practical, stylish and a reflection of your company's unique culture: office furniture designed around your needs.

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  • Office Lighting

    Office Lighting

    Creating the right light for working and for an ambient environment.

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