20sixltd were asked to work on a project in Brighton, in the summer of 2017. The client, Paxton Access Control, had recently acquired an old commercial property, previously set up as a bakery, and were working on a design project to change this commercial premise into an open office and training environment.

20six were brought in to advise, source, supply and install all of the office furniture required for this project, including all chairs and desks, as well as high-backed seating units for more quiet areas and all the break-out furniture.

The client was looking to create areas where collaboration between employees would be facilitated. In their previous set-up the different departments tended to keep themselves to themselves and so you would rarely see the sales team mix with the IT team for example. Being a progressive company, Paxton understand that communication amongst all employees aids a company's overall productivity, and so 20sixltd were able to supply the necessary furniture in the kitchen dinning areas to include fun elements such as table football.

There are a multitude of communal and break out areas so that whatever the requirements of the staff or trainees there will be space to accommodate them.

One downside of open work environments can be excessive noise, but along with the high-backed seating mentioned above, 20sixltd sourced acoustic ceiling panels and the trees that you can see in the video below are specially designed to bring both a biophilic element into the design and are great sound absorbents.

This project being right on our doorstep, we thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it and are rightly proud of all the office furniture that we provided. The space is now in use by the Brighton workers at Paxton and is also in high demand for all the people who attend on-site door entry training sessions.

To see more images of this project please check out the video we put together.

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