How To Reduce Office Noise

Workplace noise can be an issue for some offices and commercial interiors, particularly for the open plan office. If you need to reduce the noise in your work place there are a variety of things that you can do working within the constraints of your current setup.

5 Ways To Reduce Office Noise

Slippers V Clogs: Lets start by looking down – we all know that if we’re wearing slippers the sound of our footsteps are muffled. Pop on some traditional clogs and it’ll sound as if a horse has trotted in. Work space flooring has several roles to meet; it needs to be easily cleaned, it needs to allow for office chairs on wheels to move, it needs to embellish the overall colour scheme and office design. But it can also be a big contributory factor to unwanted noise. Carpet and vinyl flooring will help to muffle noise whereas hard flooring options such as tiles, bare concrete and some wooden floors can exacerbate the acoustic problems.

Behind Closed Doors: Whilst there may be rooms within your workplace that are not always used so can therefore sometimes be quiet sanctuaries, if you have the facilities its worth investing in dedicated quiet rooms. Think library here, a space where everybody knows that if you enter its to find some quiet time. Some people need quiet areas to be truly productive, and designers are catching onto this need. US-based office furniture makers, Grand Rapids, have designed an office cube especially for peace-and-quiet loving workers.

King of Thrones: You may not feel that your employees warrant a throne, but high-backed office furniture serves to dampen office noise. As with our examples of office flooring, the harder the furnishings, the higher the noise levels. Of course, we can’t work on a soft office desk, but adding in settees, enclosed booths, fabric covered partitions and panels can all help to dampen the sounds in the office.

Green Fingers: The rise of biophilic office design has seen an increase in the amount of plants seen within commercial interiors. Correctly positioned plants are effective in reducing noise levels in an open office setting. The larger the plant the bigger the impact, and there is the added benefits of an improvement in air quality and the obvious aesthetic benefits.

Get Jiggy With It: Rethinking the layout of your office may seem a daunting prospect, but by looking at the bigger picture you may find that by re-jigging your office design you not only see the benefits of noise reduction, but you may reap the rewards of a more streamlined office that will improve overall productivity among all who work there.

Here at 20sixltd we have experience of helping commercial establishments and offices of all shapes and sizes to improve their workplace acoustics as well as being able to help streamline work spaces to enhance productivity. Please get in touch with us if you would like any further help or advice:

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