Treadmill Meetings?

The negative effects of sitting down all day on our health have been well documented and publicised. There is a growing market for desks that are multi-purpose and multi-functional. Here at 20six HQ we all have desks that we can alter with a simple touch from sitting to standing, helping us get a bit more movement into our day.

The concept of the treadmill desk has been around for about five years now - bringing multi-tasking to a new level, you walk whilst you work albeit remaining in one location.

Now US based company InMovement are introducing the world of business to Treadmill Meetings.

Treadmill Meetings?

The idea is to take two treadmill desks and add a surface plus monitors for people to work on, enabling social interaction with movement during a collaborative meeting.

InMovement claims that the conference rooms in which they have trialled their BiStride have become the most popular meeting spaces in the office. A company spokesman claims that:

"Being moving and active makes the conversation more energetic. People are more engaged, and they're more alert and more creative when they're in those environments."

For some business people, walking around whilst on the phone is the norm already, and treadmill desk users are said to have increased productivity while burning an additional 74 calories a day.

The growing trend of walking meetings has to date involved leaving the office - the advent of the treadmill meeting allows you to walk and talk whilst in the office.

The BiStride is due to go on sale later this year with estimated costs of $8,000 to $9,000. Will this fundamentally alter the look of the boardroom? No more huge tables with static seating but a room more akin to a gym with treadmills all facing into the center? I suppose we'll have to wait and see.

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