Office Seating Trends 2019

There has been an increasing demand for flexible office space over the past few years, and that demand is predicted to grow by up to 30% annually for the next five years. This year alone, one 6th of all new commercial property in London has been taken up by flexible workspace operators, and the take up has tripled outside of the capitol, with Manchester and Birmingham recording the fastest growth.

Along with the change in how many people are working comes a change in design trends, and one trend we at 20six are seeing is in office seating, particularly in communal areas.

Office Seating Trends 2019: The Rise Of Stadium Seating

Amusingly also referred to as the stairways to nowhere, stadium seating, (or bleacher seating in the US) has made a big entrance into both co-working office spaces and more progressive businesses, making a bold statement in any shared meeting space.

Of course, this type of tiered seating is far from new - go visit any Roman amphitheater and you'll see ancient versions of stadium seating. More modern versions started appearing in commercial premises in the 1960s and 1970s in American schools. It was an immediate hit with the children, being inherently social and climbable, and with the tutors for being able to see and therefore communicate better with all their students. And this may be in part why stadium seating is becoming popular with modern office space designers. This set-up facilitates productivity, communication, and embraces an element of fun.

One of our favourite examples of stadium seating in the UK is in the London offices of Morgan Lovell who say that they have used an "anti-corporate approach" in their office design to create "anything but a normal office space". Utilising recycled timber for their stadium seating, the space is inviting to all who want or need to come together to collaborate.

We predict seeing a lot more examples of this type of commercial seating and are looking forward to seeing what else 2019 has in hold for office furniture and design.

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