Office Desks

"It's Just A Desk"

Office desks – a pretty tedium medium to be talking about right? After all, a desk is just a desk isn’t it?

More than just a surface to rest upon, desks are the central spot to create, organise and get work done. And far more than a stand-alone, singular piece of office furniture, there are several types of office desk.

Five Types Of Office Desk

The Reception Desk: This is the first point of contact most of us have when entering a work place and therefore requires special attention. Not only does it have to be suitable for the expectations of the receptionists' duties, it also has to be welcoming to any visitors. You will need to ensure all comms are easily at hand whilst leaving enough space for a welcoming face to beam out.

The Hot Desk: With the rise of the mobile workforce and of freelance workers, hot desks are becoming more prominent in both a static business office environment and in co-working office spaces. It needs to be kept clear, is the minimalists dream desk, as you won't know who will be needing to use it from one moment to the next. This type of desk is all about BYO - bring your own paper, pens, and more often than not laptop or another device. It is a multifunctional desk in the sense that you won't know what the user will be working on whilst sat here - it could be anything from accounts to web design.

The Moveable Desk: Who hasn't heard that sitting still all day is bad for your health? Yes, we know we should set a timer and regularly walk away from our desk and do something involving the body rather than the mind. That being said, we also work in a very time-demanding age; we are no longer expected to get things done within the traditional 9 - 5 working day. If you are one of those who is (figuratively) tied to their desk, it's worth investing in one that moves and allows you to either work sitting or standing.

The Executive Desk: Do we still aspire to this? To the largest office in the building with commanding vistas? The executive desk, and corresponding office space, was once deemed as a status symbol and is designed to impress. Perhaps you're after a desk that has taken over 5 months to build, uses 6 different types of exotic wood, and a custom-cut piece of Italian glass? (You have to admit; these look pretty good.) If you're looking for a status symbol and a leg up during negotiations, an expensive, lavish executive desk is for you. If you're looking for a big, expansive desk that creates a physical and metaphorical distance from the lower echelons, this is the desk that you're looking for.

The Boardroom Desk: Designed specifically for groups of people, if the executive desk just isn't large enough for you, you could, of course, claim both the boardroom and its desk as your own. However, this is usually the space for meetings, both internally with colleagues and staff and externally with clients and business partners. Your size of desk will be constrained by your physical boundaries but the style and quality needs to reflect your company branding, culture and ethos.

No doubt you could come up with other examples of office desks, but we thought five was a good number to look at. Whatever type of desk you use, first and foremost, it has to suit your working requirements.

If you want to know more about getting the right desk for you, or for your offices as a whole then please do get in touch with us.


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