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Following on from our “It’s Just A Desk” blog, we thought we’d explore what additions you can have on the basic platform that is your office desk.

Three Options For Office Desk Accessories

Drawers: It used to be the case that all office desks came with drawers – where else were you to store your paper, pens and other desk paraphernalia? But with the rise of hot desks and freelance office spaces, drawers have been made redundant. If a desk is not dedicated to one particular worker, those using the work station will be bringing whatever they need with them, and taking it away again.

Mechanisms: Along with having drawers, desks were static. There was no need for movement – your desk was positioned and stayed put. As we have learned more about the negative impact on our health that a sedentary life style brings with it, so our desks have adapted. You can now have a desk where you just touch a button and the height alters from sitting to standing; there are treadmill desks; and there are even “cycling” desks. No longer just a beautiful piece of carved woodwork, desks these days can come with a whole host of mechanisms.

Covers: From fancy deskshields - desk covers decorated with any type of image, pattern, or pictures that you want to upload – to full-on hooded canopies that can fold up when you require privacy or back down when you’re after a more open environment, office desks can be adapted to every working situation.

These are just three examples of desk accessories, but all go to show that a office desk is more than just a surface to place your paper upon.

If you require office desks, or any other office furniture, we have next day delivery on selected furniture prodcuts if ordered before 12pm.

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