Height Adjustable Desks

When we moved into our fabulous new office suite earlier this year we had a lot of work to do. Several months later and we are very proud of work space, and have included as many different elements of commercial interior fit out as we could whilst maintaining a working and fluid aesthetic. We have done this because we practice what we preach – if we are going to recommend a solution for your business requirements we will only do so if we believe in that solution ourselves.

One such example of this is our use of height adjustable desks – having installed them for our own use we couldn’t imagine using anything else.

Should you be using a height adjustable desk? We’ve compiled 3 top reasons why we think that you should.

3 Reasons For Buying Height Adjustable Desks

More Than Just A Fad: Choices of commercial interiors, furniture, fixtures and fittings go in the same cycles as all other aspects of design trends. The adjustable desk is so much more than a fad. It may sound a rather dramatic claim that sitting will kill you but medical evidence has proved that a sedentary lifestyle is very bad for your health. If you are tied to your desk then making it one that you can easily vary the height of will go some way to reducing the amount of time you spend sitting still.

Lose Weight! Surely not – claiming that your adjustable desk will help you burn those calories sounds as outrageous as saying that your desk will kill you. But we kid you not – we have delved the archives of the internet to bring you a news story from way back in 2005. A US study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta concluded that “(By) Figuring out ways to increase physical activity - not necessarily getting people jogging every day but just building physical activity into a person's day - are reasonable strategies that have the promise to combat this epidemic of obesity.” And another study concluded that you can burn an additional 340 calories a day if you spend just two hours of your work day standing in lieu of sitting.

Stand Up Straight! Were you ever barked at to stand up straight in school? Does it really mean anything? Well whether it does or not, we do know that adjustable workstations will help to improve, or maintain, a good posture. The simple act of standing improves your core strength, leading to better overall posture.

If we look at the evolution of the human being this all makes more sense. It is only in recent modern working practices that so many of us find ourselves routed to our seats. We are naturally mobile creatures and sitting all day is alien to our constitution. We may not be able to escape our desks, but we can make sure that they are working with us rather than against us.

If you would like to learn more about height adjustable desks then please do get in touch with us for a chat.

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