Anthropomorphising Furniture

Milano 2019: Milan Design week has come and gone, and as promised in our post last month, What’s New For Salone del Mobile 2019, we have taken what we believe to be the most likely big influence on office furniture coming to a commercial property near you anytime soon.

Everywhere you looked at Salone del Mobile there were flora and fauna. Gucci showcased deeply rich blue armchairs embroidered with butterflies, owls, and flowers, and every side table or stool was covered in floral decorations. Louis Vuitton displayed an anemone glass-topped table and a chair design inspired by tropical flowers.

Yes, it was verdure and beasties in all shapes, sizes, and colours. Furniture abounded that was either covered in flora and fauna or was inspired by it. And this makes complete sense to us – office design has been on the positive biophilc path for some time now, with the scientifically backed evidence that when people feel closer to nature they are happier and more productive. So why not add elements of the natural world into your office furniture?

From desktops to office chairs, combining function and form to bring as much outdoors into the working environment means we could be looking at some really “fun” office furniture rolling onto the work floor near you before the year is out.

A chameleon chair, capable of adapting to the user’s personal requirements? A dolphin desk perhaps, as intelligent and socially aware as it’s namesake? Butterfly blinds, able to open up to reveal a stunning display of colours, then neatly fold back into itself? Who knows – however, watch this space for as soon as we start to see furniture reflecting nature we’ll be reporting back to you.

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