Workplace Wellness

Promoting Wellness Through Good Office Design

"Wellness in the workplace" is the latest buzz terminology in office design and employee retention. Is it something your business should be taking note of, or is this just another passing fad?

People are more productive if they are working in a comfortable environment - that is not only backed up by studies it is also plain common sense. A healthy workforce enables more productivity, lower costs and less employee turnover. Office design has a significant impact on employee health through specifications of materials, air quality, lighting levels and ergonomics.

Here at 20sixltd we are acutely aware of how office design plays a crucial part in encouraging movement and collaboration in the workplace, and for every design project we prioritise a determination to create an environment that people enjoy being in.

We were not "designed" to sit all day long at a workstation, and medical evidence has proven how bad sitting for long periods is on our health. We need to move, to change our environment, collaborate and communicate, but at the same time have the option for individual work, focus and concentration. Every project we approach strives to create room for movement, creating opportunities for the workforce to come together as a collective and collaborate, whilst also providing space for quiet, reflective work.

Of course, ‘workplace wellness’ is not the exclusive domain of the physical or the psychological, but rather an integrated balance of the three workplace dynamics of people, process and place. Whilst we've come a long way, think back to when smoking within the open office was acceptable, there is still room for improvement in most offices. Workplace wellness is not a passing fad - it is part of the holistic approach to a happier and healthier work force.

If you would like help to make your office a better environment for your workforce then please get in touch with us.

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