What Every Office Needs?

As an established office fit out and office furniture supplier, we are acutely aware of how office design can play an important role on employee health and well being. We all know that the sedentary nature of today's office staff is having a detrimental impact upon workers and we are all being encouraged to move more.

The insurance company Vitality has recently announced it is going to reward its customers who do a certain amount of exercise, and these incentives can become more lucrative the more you do. The idea is that as people become more active they can lower their health risk, lower their risk of morbidity and mortality, and decrease their insurance "risk".

A major stumbling block for a lot of workers is the one thing every office needs, but most offices lack - showering facilities.

What Every Office Should Have

Here at 20six when we designed our own offices we made sure that we included an office shower - this gives all of our employees the option of cycling to work, or swapping a sarnie at their desk for "runch".

Brighton has been promoting sustainability for several years, with a huge push for more people to either use public transport of cycle/walk to and from work. But Brighton is also a city that is built upon small businesses - there are one or two large employers in the city but by and large Brighton is made up of smaller offices. You may well get your shower cubicles in the likes of Google and Reebok, but they are sadly lacking in the majority of offices.

A shower and changing facility doesn't take up an enormous amount of space, and so we feel this should be pushed to the forefront of any office planning and design - a small addition that benefits the health of your workforce and the environment at the same time.

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