Top 4 Office Design Tips

Four Office Design Ideas:

How many of you look forward to getting to the office on a Monday morning? Monday Morning Blues is a well-known phenomena, and whilst we can't offer a total solution we can offer advice on getting your office design spot on. There is concrete evidence that the better the physical work environment is the happier your employees are - so with this in mind we've come up with four office design tips to help minimize Monday Morning Blues.

Think In Colour: People are influenced by and experience psychological changes when exposed to different colours, so the choices you make for your office colours, be that walls, furniture or accessories, will have an impact upon your work force. For example, using orange in your office brings with it a sense of warmth and happiness; yellow is creative, the colour of new ideas, assisting us to find new ways of doing things; the blue office indicates confidence, reliability and responsibility. And could you work in a pink office?

Bring People Together: Within the working environment the more that the “team” work together, the stronger the results. Collaboration between colleagues and across departments becomes more difficult if you don't provide the physical space in which to come together. Employees who use co-working spaces on a regular basis feel like they’re part of a community and see their work as meaningful, so ensure that you have areas within the office where people can come together to mingle.

Provide Suitable Furniture: Last month we wrote about the hidden costs of buying cheap office chairs - but it's not just about the costs. You need to provide office furniture that is comfortable, can be moved easily and has multiple uses, enabling collaboration without sacrificing focus and worker well-being. And of course, referencing our first point above, your choice of office furniture needs to complement your choice of office colours.

Get Green Fingers: Studies have concluded that when plants were brought into offices – one plant per square metre, or, to be more precise, where everybody can see a plant from their desk – employee performance on memory retention and other basic tests improved substantially. Adding in real plants also demonstrates to your clients that you have the ability and the desire to care for things.

Ensuring that your work spaces are well designed will enhance your workforce's overall productivity and happiness. Office design is never just about how your office looks - it is about designing the most suitable environment for your business's needs.




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