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Office Design Trends In 2017

Office design has always followed cultural shifts - from the factory owner lording it over his workers through to the advent of the white-collar workers placed in cubicles, workspaces reflect the wider society.

And in one sense we have come full circle. During the Industrial Revolution it was not uncommon for workers to die at work - and over the past few years we have identified that our sedentary work has led to questioning, "Are our jobs killing us?"

Office design trends in 2017 are a natural progression from the understanding that we need to change our lifestyle to maintain our health and our productivity.

Whereas workplace design has previously focused more on the 'things' - space, furniture, technology - 2017 is seeing a shift back onto the employee. The emphasis on the employee's experience, especially with regards to health and wellness, is going to be the driving force behind many of the workplace trends in the year ahead.

Three main areas of focus:

Personal Space: Giving your work force options as to where they work enables them to be more responsible for their own productivity. If they need to collaborate, ensure there are communal areas for them to work together in. If they require peace and quiet to achieve total focus, provide quite spaces for them to work. Choice gives your employees the option to work where they feel most happy.

Personal Lighting: There has been a lot of interest and studies carried out on the effect of lighting upon productivity. What suits one person at one moment may not be appropriate for their working neighbour, nor for all the types of work they need to carry out. Enabling your work force to brighten or dim their own light will enhance their productivity.

Personal Movement: Ergonomic office furnishings help to sustain employees’ health and wellness. Innovative and customised office furniture allows workers to shift between sitting and standing to lower fatigue. But beyond just sitting and standing, work environments should be programmed and designed to promote movement.

Ensuring that the needs of your workforce are at the forefront of any changes you make to your working environments will help staff retention, staff productivity, and overall company success.

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