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How Office Design Plays A Direct Impact Upon Recruitment And Retention

We’re pretty certain that Aristotle didn’t have office design in his thoughts when he coined the phrase "The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts", but after reading the results of a survey on recruitment, retention and office design, we can safely apply it now. Echoing the T.E.A.M. acronym—Together, Everyone Achieves More – for any business to be a success you need the people on board to make it happen.

With this in mind, lets sit back for a moment and have a look around our own office space – and in light of this survey’s findings, even more importantly have a fresh look at the room in which you conduct interviews.

“Can’t get the staff these days”

Of the of 1,000 UK office workers questioned, almost half (48 percent) cited that the room where they were interviewed for a job would influence their opinion of whether or not to work for an organisation.  A whopping 41% say a modern office is a key factor when deciding to accept or reject a job offer, and 43% admit that they’ve rejected job offers in the past due to uninspiring offices.

But it’s not just in recruitment that your office space plays a part – 39% blamed a dull office as being a key reason for leaving a previous position, and 22% said they would settle for a 10% reduction in salary to move to a modern office.

Office design plays a huge role in the well being of your employees, and how frustrating to lose great members of staff, and to not be able to replace them. just because your work space environment is not up to scratch?

Upping the budget on creating a commercial interior fit for the best employees may not be a priority in your overall business budgeting expenses, but the evidence suggests that if you want your company to be better than your competitors, to recruit the best staff and to retain exceptional employees, then office design should be right up there as a prerequisite.


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