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As October (or Pumpkin Spice Season) has rolled in and the leaves are turning golden and falling to the ground, all things are becoming orange. We know of at least one office in Brighton who have embraced the warm glow of autumn and have their office fixtures coloured orange. So what message does using this colour in your office design scheme give out to staff and clients?

Office Design: Is Orange The New Black?

The colour orange can safely jump onto the Marmite bandwagon – it's a polarising colour, you either "love it" or "hate it.” It elicits mixed responses from people, being bold, vivid, fun, and dynamic or interpreted as obnoxious and a non-serious, unprofessional colour choice.

One of the reasons that you may have noticed so much sportswear with orange on it is that this colour signifies activity. It is associated with the communication of energy, life, and motivation.

On the other hand, have you noticed how prevalent orange is say on our motorways? Think marker cones, tow truck lights, and other construction zone markers. Orange is used a symbol of safety, to set things apart from their surroundings.

So there's an element of contradiction here with it symbolising both activity and caution at the same time. But, love it or hate it, orange brings with it a sense of warmth and happiness, and colour therapists recommend including it more in our daily lives as it is deemed an optimistic and an uplifting choice.

The Brighton firm that we made earlier reference to seem to being doing very well with their orange theme - but what do you think? Does orange have a place in a professional working environment?



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