Office Defurbishment?

Have you heard about the new trend in office design that is particularly popular with technology companies and co-working spaces that is using the term "office defurbishment"? No, this is not a miss-spelling of refurbishment - the trend for defurbishment is gathering momentum.

A defurbished office space is where traditional office interiors are replaced with open-plan spaces that feature exposed brickwork, pipework and services - stripping back the classic soft furnishings and replacing with a more raw, industrial feeling.

By defurbishing a working space, you can create a greater floor-to-ceiling height that provides an enhanced feeling of light and space. This works particularly well at ground-floor level where you don't always get as much direct daylight as the upper floors of a building, especially in more built up areas of cities and towns. By removing any suspended ceilings and revealing the concrete soffit you can create an interesting, urban finish.

Whilst a lot of tech companies are embracing this design and look, it might not be so well suited to more traditional types of companies. However, the defurbished look can still be used in certain areas of your commercial space, such as your canteens, kitchen areas or other social gathering spaces.

Already popular in some of the larger cities, we can envisage the defurbished look being embraced by more companies across the UK, especially those who are after a modern, urban and industrial feel for their working spaces.

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