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What is the future of office design?

Its not unusual for us to get asked what we think the future office set up will be like. One developing area of commercial design that we believe will be moving to the forefront of new designs is that of mobile office furniture.

Modern office design is all about creating a working environment that is as flexible as your work force requires. Having moved away from the idea of the rigid office cubicle, we have learnt that for your employees to work more productively they need to be able to collaborate and come into regular contact with each other.

Mobile furniture helps to provide your work place with the flexibility to work as individuals, as smaller groups or come together en masse.

What is Mobile Office Furniture?

We’re not talking about those office chairs on wheels here, we’re talking more about walls. Walls that can be moved and that are smart, office partitions that can be used to create different types of space dependent upon the requirements of the moment. The best versions of these are now equipped with whiteboards, acoustic hoods and portable power points.

The beauty of this type of smart partitioning is that you can have multiple moveable whiteboards creating breakout areas that can easily be removed to form a large all-hands meeting area. Unused thoroughfares and disused corners can also be transformed into stand-up meeting spaces. You can make your workspace work for you dependent upon what needs to get done that day.

We wrote about smart office walls a few weeks ago (read more here) and we feel combining the interactive qualities being experimented with by Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) with walls that can be easily moved makes for some exciting developments in the future of office and commercial design.

The future of office design? The writing is on the wall…..

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