Is Office Noise Affecting Productivity?

A recent survey carried out by Oxford Economics on more than 1,200 senior executives and non-executive employees from a range of industries around the world, found that more than half of employees cited poor office acoustic design as reducing their satisfaction at work.

That’s a lot of unhappy people – not that you’d notice as the chances are if they tried to tell you, you wouldn’t be able to hear them.

Is Office Noise Affecting Productivity?

Are our modern offices really that bad? Is noise causing a threat to productivity and workers peace of mind?

The survey discovered that workers really want to be able to, well, work; and their ability to focus without interruptions is a top priority when it comes to office design. Much as we all love to fawn over the images of those offices that have slides, or cycle tracks, or games rooms, the results from this research suggested that access to amenities like these are far less important than being able to concentrate on the job at hand.

Improved office environments and workplace technology can enhance productivity, engagement, and happiness at work, both for executives and their employees. And there are a whole host of cost effective noise solutions out there that will stop workers from turning your conference rooms into de facto offices, defeating the purpose of both open-plan layouts and shared meeting spaces.

Maybe it’s time that you stopped to listen to the workspace that you inhabit – and to find out if you are able to hear what your work force are trying to say.

P.S In researching this blog post we discovered that there are some people who actually crave office noise. If you are one of those you may enjoy this:



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