Happy Staff Mean Happy Customers

If you're in business you're after sales. When you consider that it costs about 5 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to generate new business from an existing customer, you begin to see the value of keeping your clients happy. Not only that, but happy customers are the ones who will refer you new business, and word of mouth is the most cost effective method of marketing.

Couple this with saving money by retaining staff rather than by hiring new employees - recruiting and training a new employee requires staff time and money. Frequent staff turnover has a negative impact on employee morale, productivity, and company revenue. It also detracts from being able to build strong relationships with your client base if customers are forever speaking to someone new.

To acquire loyal customers and to provide a customer experience so good that they keep coming back for more can only be achieved if your employees feel happy and engaged at work. When your employees are happier, so are your customers. And when your customers are happy, they become more loyal to your brand, spend more money with you, become brand ambassadors and help your business to make more profits.

Happy staff mean happy customers.

What has this to do with office design?

If, on average, we spend nearly 9 hours a day at work and over 7 hours asleep, then the majority of our waking hours are spend not in our homes but in our place of work.

Happy workplace, happy staff.

The working environment has a direct impact on employee productivity and morale, so it makes perfect sense to provide a workspace that is conducive to the happiness and wellbeing of your staff. The way an office is set up, along with the office furniture and accessories used, can dictate the productivity of your entire team.  It has been conclusively shown that comfortable, well-ventilated and well-lit, safe workplaces increase productivity by as much as 16 percent and job satisfaction as much as 24 percent, whilst also reducing absenteeism.

Happy workplace, happy staff, happy customers.

Your office design, fit out and furniture has a direct correlation to your workers happiness. Your workers happiness has a direct correlation to your customers' happiness. Get the working environment right and your company will prosper.


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