Does Pink Work In The Office?

Does pink work in a business environment?

Millennial pink is hugely popular in fashion right now, and this year's Milan design week revealed that pink has also become the most sought-after colour in furniture design. Now we've trawled through our archives and our memories and we can't recall ever designing a pink office, but maybe we will be called upon to do so this year.

Apart from being the colour of the moment, does pink work in a business environment?

When talking about the colour pink, initial thoughts are usually that it is feminine and a softer colour; it is perceived as calming, reassuring and non-threatening.

Pink is a colour that works well with a wide palette of colours so can fit in with a lot of companies current branding. Combining it with darker colours such as dark blue, dark green, black or gray, adds strength and sophistication to pink. And if you're burdened with a drab, concrete building, pink may well be the right choice to lift the look, and the spirits, of your working environment.

An all-out pink office would be a real statement, but perhaps just accessorizing your current working environment with pink office furniture would provide you with a more subtle lift?

If you need help sourcing any colour, or type of office furniture then we'll be glad to help.


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