Death Of The Office?

Where Are We Going With Office Design?

Here at 20six we like to keep up with all things shiny and new, in particular what's going out in the press and online about the evolution of both office design and office furniture. We all know that within every industry and market sector there is a certain amount of technical language, "jargonese" if you like. For example, we readily use the term fit-out. This applies to us as office specialists and will be used by other designers, but is limited to our industry.

Death Of The Office?

Then we came across this headline....

"Carving the Path From Traditional Office Design To Relationship-Driven Workspaces."


Relationship-Driven Workspaces.

Just wow.

Needless to say this elicited a few (no, many) raised eyebrows. Yes, we get the underlying premise of this terminology, but really? How many of us will be saying?

"I aim to get to the relationship-driven workspace by 8am tomorrow."

"Hi honey, I've had to work a little later tonight but am just leaving the relationship-driven workspace now."

Having an office that is designed to suit the needs of all who use it, and an office that encourages communication and collaboration is a great idea and at the heart of modern office design concepts. But it is still an office.

Personally, we'll still be popping by the office, having meetings in the office, and will be leaving the office once our working is day done.





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