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Workplace Trends 2018 | Bringing Home To Work

There has been a trend in office design to make the work place less formal and to blend aspects we would usually expect to have in our home environment into the work space. This continues to be an integral aspect of workplace trends in 2018 making offices a more appealing environment for all to spend time in.

How To Include Home-Like Elements Into Workplace Design

When we think of traditional office spaces, we’re likely to imagine open spaces, cubicles, large meeting rooms and tiny communal kitchens. None of these areas are places we would chose to relax and maybe watch a film or read a book. When you get home at the end of a hard days work you’re more likely to want to plonk yourself down on a comfy settee, or sit in your cosy kitchen with a cuppa. The trend towards blending the home and the office has the underlying ethos of making the work place more relaxing. Sure you’re not there to chill and watch a movie, but the more you feel comfortable in any given environment, the more you will be able to offer.

We’ve come up with 6 ideas of how to bring elements of the home into your work spaces:

6 Ways To Blend Home and Office

Office Furniture: At home you will have a range of furniture that will be chosen both on design and colour, and on function. We can’t have an office that only has settees to sit on as this doesn’t do well for your productivity if you’re trying to work on your computer - but office furniture can still be stylish, functional and ergonomic, and enhance and complement the overall aesthetic of your work space.

Relaxed Seating Areas: Studies have shown that you are less productive if you spend your entire day sat at your desk, and more productive if you take a break. Having comfortable, welcoming break out areas where staff can take five minutes out will help them remain focused as well as encourage collaboration and mingling amongst employees.

Decent Kitchens: We’ve dedicated a whole blog post to office kitchens before as we feel passionately about this aspect of commercial design. Too often the office kitchen is an after thought, stuffed into a room barely bigger than a cupboard and full of mugs that are breading new life. The health and well being of staff is paramount in increasing engagement and productivity and where better to start than with an office kitchen that people want to spend time in?

Office Gardens: You may be restricted by external space, but office design trends are embracing the “green” office internally as well. Adding plants within the premises softens the space as well as bringing the benefit of improving employee performance on memory retention and other basic tests that studies have shown to be substantially improved with office plants.

Softer Lighting: Whilst we need decent lighting levels in order to work and not cause eye strain, having variable lighting levels is beneficial for all staff. Think of your office lighting design in terms of layers. Your main overhead lighting will provide the base, your individual task lighting gives you independent functionality and accent lighting adds an air of ambience.

Choice Of Space: The more people have choice, the more they are able to find the right working situation for the project they are currently engaged in. Sometimes we need a quiet spot alone with our work, others we need to collaborate in a dynamic environment, or we need to have groups working together. Co-working spaces have become increasingly popular, and the basis of this setup can be incorporated within more static business premises.

Here at 20six we are enthused by the workplace trends we’re seeing in 2018 and are very pleased to be working on some great projects this year.

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