Autumn Office Design 2018

Ideas For Autumn Office Design Trends

Autumn is fully upon us now, even if we’re still getting some days that feel a little more like summer. The nights are colder and the days are significantly shorter. As we put into storage the ideas that helped us to keep cool at work through the summer, we now need to focus on how we can adapt our work places for the changing seasons.

3 Ideas For Autumn Office Design 2018

Warmth: It’s a tricky time of year in that it can be really chilly one moment and blazing hot the next. Some less well insulated commercial environments may have felt the need to pop the heating on to welcome employees in the morning, but by lunch time everybody is sweltering as the sun blazes in through the windows. This can be a fine balancing act for the best of us with fluctuating temperatures and workers requiring different levels of heating. An office with plenty of work station options that incorporates the ideas of Activity Based Working may help you succeed in getting more ambient temperature levels; an open plan area will have better ventilation and individual work pods can be enclosed and cosier.

Light: It can be deceptive when the autumn heralds a mini heat wave – at least during your lunch hour – as we can be caught out by how quickly it gets dark. We are staunch advocates of natural light where ever possible knowing how it can affect well being in the workplace, but the darker mornings and evenings mean that some forms of artificial lighting will be required. We wrote a post entitled “How To Get Your Office Lighting Right” which highlights the benefits of updating older office lighting systems.

Colours: Most of us would associate oranges and reds with autumn, and these are colours that can help give a sense of warmth and cosiness to your working environment. We are not, please note, suggesting that we all repaint our offices each season – but changing over pictures you have on the walls, or plants and other office accessories may help your workers adjust to autumn. One of the UK’s leading specialists in the psychology of working environments informed us that: “If you enrich a space people feel much happier and work better; and a very good way of doing this is by using art.” So swapping your art on a regular basis could help improve productivity.

Autumn brings with it the richness of the colour on the falling leaves, a chance to witness some spectacular sunrises and sunsets and the opportunity to revamp our office environments to enhance the well being of our employees,

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