5 Workplace Design Trends

We’ve seen a lot of different design trends over the years that we have been involved in office fit outs and refurbishments, and perhaps the most prevalent change has been to ditch the standard open plan office layout.

We’re not fortune tellers but being so closely involved in commercial interiors we can hazard a guess as to what the new office design trends will incorporate.

5 Office Design Trends To Look Out For

Colours: Workplace design has moved away from a sterile, industrial look and subsequently we’re ditching the harsher colours such as blacks, whites, silvers and greys. Instead there are a lot more muted browns and greens, reflecting the rise of biophilic design elements.

Materials: In line with the colour changes, out go the metal and steel-like materials and in come more natural looking materials. Even when we can’t escape using artificial materials, such as laminates and metals, the finishes have a natural look.

Furniture: There is a distinct move towards tapered legs, and tailored cushions, almost a retro 1950’s style trend. Quilted fabrics are en vogue, and we are seeing them in both traditional and modern patterns.

Spaces: Flexibility and choice are the key to a lot of workplace productivity solutions, and pods are a great way of providing mobile quiet and private spaces. As these can be incorporated into most office spaces, they are becoming more popular across the board.

Plants: From tall, architectural structured trees to small desktop plant boxes, bringing living plants into the work place helps to create a more natural environment – some companies have taken this even further and instead of bringing plants into the workplace have moved their work places into the plants… (read more here).

Overall, we are seeing the blurring of the lines between home and office, with the emphasis on more natural feeling and looking working spaces.

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