5 Ways To Create A Memorable Office Reception Area

First impressions count - when we say "create a memorable office reception area" we are, of course, talking in the positive sense. A drab, dreary, unfriendly and unwelcoming reception area will also create a memorable experience, but not one that you would want your clients to walk away with.

5 Ways To Create A Memorable Office Reception Area

Smile Please: The way in which your employees act is governed to a certain extent by the surroundings in which they are working: happy staff make for happy customers. And one way of ensuring a welcoming smile when someone walks into your premises is by having as much natural light as possible. The low buzzing of a yellow hued strip light does nothing for anyone's appearance nor the general ambience of the environment. Natural light creates a sense of space and comfort: get the lighting right and it will show the rest of the design off in its best light.

Office Furniture: Tempting as it is to go out and buy the latest design trends, in areas such as receptions you need furniture that is durable. In high use areas with frequent footfall and everyday use you need your office furniture to last without scuffing and looking shabby. Your reception desk also needs to welcoming - a high desk can seem intimidating, and a cluttered desk can give off the impression of general disorganisation within the establishment. Being as open as possible will help to cultivate a welcoming experience.

Legal Bits: Regulatory information such as fire exits have never been designed as aesthetic pieces of wall art - by their very nature they are designed to stick out and consequently don't usually fit in with the overall surroundings. But they need to be there, and prominent signs such as directions to the rest rooms and lifts will save your customers needing to ask. It is also pertinent, and polite, to take into account the needs of those who are less able bodied so being inclusive to all in your first impressions.

Plants and Pictures: OK, we've covered the fact that you are going to have to have your regulatory signs in place, but adding in other accessories will help you to create a positive impact. Inclusion of suitable art work can lead to an overall feeling of warmth, imagination and inspiration. Adding in real plants can demonstrate to your clients that you have the ability, and the desire to care for things.

Information, Information, Information: Display company literature in your reception area - let your waiting customers find out more about you as they sit in their luxurious surroundings. Ensure that your company logo is prominent and follow your brands colours in your decor choices. Let people see your website address and easily find you on your social media channels. The more information that you make readily accessible to people the more they are likely to trust you.

We have been able to help a wide range of businesses get their office reception areas spot on, so if you would like to make your first impressions on your customers stand out for all of the right reasons please do get in touch with us.



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