5 Types of Office Partition

The big, open plan office space has had a lot of bad press of late. Offices designed in this way have been accused of causing unhappy, unproductive and unwell workers with everything from noise levels to lack of privacy being named as chief culprits.

That being said, not everyone has the means to move into a more suitable work space – and if this is the case, what can you do to break up your wide, open and noisy spaces?

Using Office Partitions:

Utilising office partitions enables you to implement temporary walls that can be mobilised around the work space. They are the quickest, simplest and most cost effective way of enabling a more productive work space. Being either temporary or permanent, these partitions can fit into just about any size room required.

5 Types of Office Partition:

Glass Partitions: Here at 20six we’re big fans of using glass walls, so much so that we have installed them in our own offices to separate our boardroom from the rest of the office. We have even dedicated an entire blog post on the reasons to use glass walls in commercial design. Find out more... 

Wooden Partitions: If you are looking to recreate a traditional, elegant look that enhances the warmth of the interior, wooden dividers may be right for you. There are a variety of timber partitioning systems available in different finishes such as solid wood or veneer finished MDF. They can come with timber faced trims, glazing sections, integrated door frames and skirting, enabling ease of relocation to another position within the office should this be required.

Aluminium Partitions: Coming in as the most cost-effective solution, aluminium partitions are very durable, quick and easy to install, demount and relocate. Available in solid units, with part or full glazing, installation will create minimal disruption. They may not have the classy look of pure glass, or the natural feel of wood, but they gain bonus points from the fire department.

Office Screens: Whilst not necessarily creating the same effect as the options above, office partition screens give you a cut-down version on a smaller scale. Screens provide you with acoustic benefits, writeable surfaces, pinnable or magnetic surfaces, and attachable accessories. They can come in a variety of coverings, including fully customisable options to fit into your overall company branding.

Office Pods: To circumvent building restrictions and to negate the need for any fixings, office pods offer a freestanding room solution.  This form of office divider also means that there is negligible dilapidation costs that are associated with fixed office partitions. Due to the modular construction of the pods, there is the choice to extend and create larger pods such as meeting room pods. The pod construction also allows for integral writable whiteboards, glass surfaces, pin boards & TV / monitor support for training or conferencing purposes.

These are the five most common options for dividing up your commercial interior work space. Whether you are unrestrained in how you can fit out your offices, or whether you are restricted by building or landlord regulations, there will always be a solution for you to reduce noise levels and increase productivity among your employees.

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