5 Reasons To Refurbish Your Office

When is it time to rethink your office design?

Its ever so easy to take things for granted - like when you stub your toe, you don't realise the importance of something until it can't be ignored. Where once your office was new and a place to be proud of, how is it looking now several years down the line?

5 Reasons It's Time For A New Office Fit Out:

Shabby is as shabby does: Is your paint peeling, are your carpets thread bare, do you have chipped office desks, office chairs with the stuffing escaping at the seams? A shabby looking office gives a negative impression to clients, and doesn't encourage staff to take pride in their work.

My how you’ve grown! With success comes size, and you may find that you have more employees squeezed into your original set up space. More workers require more office furniture, more equipment, and a crowded workspace is not conducive to maximum staff productivity.

Brand evolution: Rebranding can be costly and stressful but it can also be the making of your company if done correctly and at the right time. If you are rebranding ensure that your workplace matches your business colours, culture, and promotes the right image to reflect your new branding.

Economy of scale: It may sound crazy that you could save money by spending out on an office refit, but if you include aspects of sustainability and economic considerations such as better lighting, heating and insulation, you will save money in the long term.

Boost sales: In addition to making savings by making your workspace more sustainable,  there are a  vast array of scientific studies that demonstrate the direct link between workspace design and employee productivity and having a new office fit out makes economic sense. Happy staff make for productive staff, so if your workspace is looking a bit sorry for itself then perhaps now is the time to call for help.

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