5 Office Relocation Design Ideas

It’s almost 18 months now since we moved our offices. The 20six office relocation was required because we had outgrown our older office space. Moving forward with bigger and better projects, we needed a workspace to accommodate not just all the team but also some of the office furniture that we recommend to our clients.

This was a great opportunity for us as we took on an empty unit and were able to design a bespoke office based upon our exact requirements. Contrary to the popular cliché, it isn’t just about location, location, location – the design aspect is as crucial in the process and we have 5 tips on getting this part right.

5 Design Tips For Your Office Relocation

1: Areas For All: On any given working day it is likely employees will have a variety of tasks to perform, and will require breaks. Providing your staff with quite spaces to work on high concentration tasks, spaces where they can all get together for meetings, and smaller break out areas for less formal get togethers will allow people the right space for the task at hand.

2: Access For All: As well as providing the right working areas for the majority of staff, provision must be made for everybody. Our attention was drawn to a recent news article about a young man who had difficulty getting on to a catering course at his local college as the college would have to make significant changes to adapt to his personal needs. When designing your new commercial space make sure you have taken the needs of as many people into account as you can.

3: Affinity For All: Your workspace has to reflect your company branding and business values. Your affinity to your brand can be demonstrated to clients by how your office looks when they come to visit you, and/or how you portray your workspace on your website. You have to take into account how the design reflects the market that you are in – you may like the idea of pool tables, an open bar, comfy, brightly coloured, low rise settees but if you are a serious financial marketing company this could give off the impression of being laisse-faire in your professionalism.

4: Acceptable For All: We all have a responsibility to our immediate workforce and to those outside of our organisations – creating a greener work space will help bring out the creativity and productiveness of your staff, will help your business save money in the long-term, and will be one more step to making work place environments more sustainable.

5: Accessories For All: Your office furniture, fixtures and fittings play an integral part in the overall aesthetics, and in how your staff use your facilities. We are huge advocates of ergonomic office furniture and accessorising your office with items such as office pods will help you to achieve those quite spaces we mentioned above. The accessories in an office may be large or small but all will play a part in how well the design works for you and your employees.

Here at 20six, quite apart from moving ourselves, we have extensive experience of helping a wide range of companies successfully relocate their offices, so if you would like any assistance in your own office move please get in touch.

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