Solar Glass In Commercial Design

Beautiful, sustainable and cost efficient? Increasing your commercial property’s ROI.

Smart city business centres are populated by buildings with beautiful glass facades. The look allows for the light to get in to the workers inside, reflects the sky and surrounding area and lends itself to a sleek, smart exterior.

Whilst a desirable building material, it’s had its issues – energy efficiency being one of the big problems.

One way around this is the use of solar glass.

5 Reasons To Use Solar Glass In Commercial Property Design:

The Glass That Gives: Number one in our list has to go to the most obvious reason for choosing solar glass – it generates electricity. The types of glass and power generation can be designed to your particular building and requirements, but glass that gives you power is going to help the finances in the long term.

Moderating Light and Dark: Solar glass can help you achieve industry regulation light transmission levels, shading and glare control. By utilising thin-film modules, UV wavelengths can be absorbed, whilst also reducing bleaching and other negative effects the sun light can have shining through glass.

Wired For Sound: Solar glass has to have a multi-layered structure, and this necessity of design makes for great sound insulation.  If you are in a really busy and noisy area, the sound protection levels can be adjusted by increasing the thickness of the glazing and their component layers.

Running Hot and Cold: We’ve all experienced times when we are sat next to a glass window in the summer and it has been way too hot, or in winter where we can almost feel the cold creeping into us from the glass – solar glass negates this and has great heat transmission control. The thermal insulation can be used to provide heating as well as to enhance ventilation systems.

Beauty Without The Beast: Glass is a timeless, classic, beautiful material, but has always had its drawbacks. We’ve covered how solar glass can out perform standard glass above, but there is the added element of aesthetic design. Solar glass can come in a variety of colours, shades and effects enabling you to maintain the consistency of your branding even with your external commercial design.

There is a definite trend in commercial design to incorporate glass, be it external or for internal divisions. Utilising solar glass will help you achieve the look you want, a more sustainable work place environment, and will help lower your energy bills in the long-term.

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