Growing Green

Incorporating environmentally friendly aspects into commercial design is not only beneficial to the environment but it can help to improve the health, well being and productivity of staff. Studies have demonstrated that office workers’ quality of life can be enriched by incorporating plants within the workspace even though they have no formal work-related function.

At an entry level, adding a plant or two on your desk and dotted around the office may help. By adding one plant per square meter employee performance on memory retention and other basic tests has been shown to be substantially improved.

Office design trends have been incorporating plants as de rigueur for some time now, and one really great way to get more greenery into your work space is to add a living wall.

It has been claimed that within the space of 24 hours a living wall can remove up to 87% of toxins in the air in your office. Plants suck up the air we don’t want to breathe and produce the air we do need – oxygen. Green walls can also help with insulating your building both in terms of temperature and for reducing unwanted sound.

Creating an entire wall out of plants adds the biophilic element into your office – you are creating that all important link to nature that is often missing from a traditional, sterile work environment. Growing Green in your office will help your employees feel better and work better as well as helping you address acoustic issues and save money on building insulation. Oh, and they also provide a great conversational starter…

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