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Living in our temperate climate we are a nation obsessed with the weather. It's finally turned warmer out there and you can witness the difference a bit of sunshine makes on the smiles of those you pass on your way to or from work.

But we are also a nation of workaholics: Those of us who work in offices spend on average nearly five hours a day sitting down without moving and 9.3 hours per day in total at the office. When the weather is kind to us a lot of us who work these long hours miss out on the best parts of the day.

So it was of interest to us to read about the urban office garden design schemes that are becoming "the norm" in New York, including vertical and roof gardens for office workers, and even bee keeping facilities.

And then there is the development of the "Greenhouse in the sky: Europe's biggest urban farm" on the rooftop of the empty 1950s office block that once belonged to a Dutch telecommunications company.

Nearer home, we know that Google's London office has a "secret" rooftop garden where some of the employees grow veggies, and there are plenty of other city based office buildings who are embracing the "green office" within the space that they have.

With reports that the average UK worker spends around one third of their working life feeling stressed, the benefits of making the most of limited space to bring a flash of greenery to a cityscape begin to add up. In addition to improved employee engagement and productivity, urban office gardens help reduce carbon emissions, improve the property's value, and even reduce noise entering the building.

Needless to say, the option of adding an urban garden to your office is limited by the space that you occupy. Nonetheless, if you do have room, up on the roof or a disused backyard, why not consider turning it into a green office extension?

20six have helped a range of businesses develop and furnish their office garden spaces, so if this is something that you would like assistance with then please do get in touch with us.

UPDATE: In the last few days Facebook have released images of their Seattle Office which has a rather splendid urban office garden....

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