The A B C Of Design | Pt 3

Racing through the summer, we're already on part three of our intrepid adventure to get through the ABC of commercial interiors. As August slips through our hands, we've moved forward to the letters M through to R:

Week Three - M to R

M: M is for Modular: Here at 20six we specialise in supplying a wide range of business sectors with office furniture that fits their exact requirements. Modular pieces have several advantages, including improving the flexibility of your office space, decreasing the overall cost of office furniture pieces, and providing additional space whilst increasing productivity.

N: N is for Noise: Have you ever received a call from someone who is obviously in a large room full of other people also making telephone calls? It's difficult enough as the end user not to be distracted by all of the other noise in the background, but imagine trying to work in that environment? Even in large, open plan offices there are solutions that can be implemented such as insulation and panelling.

O: O is for Open Plan: There has long been talk in the design world that the open plan office has had its day, backed up by scientific studies telling us that it "kills productivity". From what we're hearing, design gurus Apple have gone against the grain and the new Apple Park has a large open floor plan with long tables for programmers, engineers, and other employees to work at. The result? Apple staff are saying that they may well quit rather than have to work in an open plan office. Perhaps this heralds the demise of the open plan space....

P: P is for Productivity. There is such a thing as the "science of the workplace" and it has come about to ensure that all aspects of work place design produce a satisfactory result for all involved within the business. One of the key aspects is that office design plays an integral part in workers productivity. Far from just being an aesthetic nicety, or a budget capped exercise, getting your office environment right for all who use it will help to increase your businesses profits by making your workforce more productive.

Q: Q is for Quiet. Amongst the recent studies carried out in both the US and the UK, employees have unanimously said that they need quite areas in which to retreat to improve their working days. In one such study, more than half of employees cited poor office acoustic design as reducing their satisfaction at work. And another found that the second most important aspect of office design that employees craved were private, quiet areas to work.

R: R is for Relocation: As your business grows and expands it may be time to think about relocating - here at 20six we've recently had to move offices ourselves. Our own company was bursting at the seams in our previous office space, and we needed more from our work space including separate meeting rooms and office furniture storage options. It's now over a year since we looked into the cost of office spaces across the UK, but this has to be one of the factors you take into consideration if you are considering relocating.

Coming next week, our final instalment! Office Design ideas from S to Zā€¦..

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