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If you want to improve worker productivity within your business premises, one of the best ways in which to do so is to consider the design and layout of your workspace.

We touched on this on our previous blog post, Human Before Design, how taking into account organisational behavioural patterns of your workforce can determine the best layout for your offices. Empirical evidence has shown that effective lateral and work group communication leads to an improvement in overall company performance. So how do you incorporate this into your office and workplace designs?

Utilising Office Design For More Effective Workplace Communication

Communal Seating: Whilst it is imperative to ensure that workers have areas where they can work quietly and alone, it is also important to create seating spaces where people will come together to chat. For many of you the offices that you have will have limitations on interior layouts – nonetheless, there are ways to ensure that your workforce isn’t cut off completely from one another and there are opportunities to come together and chat in an informal environment. This doesn’t limit you to formal meetings in the boardroom – for example, there are office furniture solutions such as seating pods that can create a more private communal area within a larger open plan area.

On The Move: One striking fact that we mentioned in our Human Before Design blog was that people who were on different floors in the same building rarely communicated with each other. On the other hand, it has been demonstrated that people are more innovative and open to ideas when in motion. Rather than seeing spaces within your buildings as “just a corridor”, try to envisage hallways and staircases as extensions of the workspace. For example, create hallways that are wider and furnish with sofas, whiteboards and other items to encourage conversation.

The Green Workspace: Almost a year ago, we published our blog on Urban Office Garden Design which garnered a lot of interest. Rooftop gardens are becoming more prevalent and businesses are seeing the advantage of having an outside area for employees to come together. An exterior space comes across as more informal than the stuffy boardroom and can be an inclusive shared area for employees from every level within the company. Rather than have your workforce dissipate to the park down the road, an outside space for them would facilitate more natural communication and meetings onsite.

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