Office Gripes

What Are The UK's Office Gripes?

'Tis the season to be.....moaning, whinging and complaining....Or so you would be led to believe if you were looking out for news articles about office design of late.

Headlines such as these:

"Workplace gripes adding to UK productivity woes."

"Office worker survey: Moaners and noisy eaters among top gripes."

"Workers waste almost six hours a week thanks to office irritations."

You'd be forgiven for thinking we had skipped past jolly old December and had fallen slap-bang into the January Blues.

There is, however, a serious note in these articles. It has been reported that overall, workers in UK's small businesses lose almost six hours (5.5, to be exact) every week on various office gripes; and a proportion of this is attributed to general office design such as being too hot or cold, having an uncomfortable chair or desk, or an untidy, disorganised workplace.

We don't have access to the exact numbers of people working in an unsuitable office in the UK but we're guessing it's quite a few. And quite a few multiplied by 6 hours per week multiplied by an average of 48 weeks a year at work = a shed load of lost working days due to poorly designed offices and office furniture.

Making the health and wellbeing of your workers a top priority isn't some namby-pamby, nanny-state policy - it can actually increase your productivity. Spending out on the right office furniture, equipment and environment can produce a well-earned ROI.


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