Workplace Productivity

The Biggest Distraction?

We all have different levels of tolerance and needs – any professional footballer will tell you that the louder their fans are, the more likely they will be to win a match. On the other hand, an author will probably say the opposite – that to write they need total peace and quiet.

Work space acoustics are often either overlooked or not deemed as important as other aspects of design when a fit out is required for a commercial interior – and yet science has proved that the biggest stumbling block to productivity within a working environment is noise.

A recent study on how sound influences creativity revealed just how important workplace acoustics are to performance and satisfaction of employees, and that good acoustic design equals good business.

With the exception of footballers, 99% of employees cited excessive noise levels as adversely affecting their concentration levels, with another study reporting that 68% of employees become frustrated when sound levels creep just above normal conversation, along with feelings of increased fatigue and difficulty in concentrating.

The Solution?

As there is not a ‘one-sound-fits-all’ quick-fix we need to consider more advanced acoustic solutions that meet the requirements of any given workforce. As each business will have its own unique acoustic problems, to resolve your sound issues you should consult a commercial interior design company who can advise on your exact needs. Sound levels don’t have to be a hindrance to your staff’s productivity.


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