What is Resimercial Design?

Having an office that you enjoy being in helps get the best from all workers, and one design concept that is addressing this need for a welcoming work space is that of resimerical design.

Resimercial design has been a trend in new offices for some time, but since NeoCon17 it has moved from being just another design trend to a more legitimate design ideal. The word resimercial is a combination of residential and commercial, and the idea behind it is to make commercial property less sterile and standardised by introducing fixtures, furnishings and layouts that brings the homey feel of residential furniture into the workplace.

It makes complete sense that if your staff feel comfortable in their working environment, they will be more productive. Some of the Big Boys have embraced this form of design into their global offices, the likes of Google, Microsoft, Yelp and Uber for example have all invested in resimercial design and have found that it has increased employee retention, productivity, and creativity. Having an office that people want to be in increases the time spent at work and increases the connection people have with their company.

Bottom line for employers, creating a working environment that is both welcoming and comfortable means gaining maximum productivity from employees. By incorporating resimercial design elements in your office you have the win-win situation of happy, productive staff, enabling your company to flourish and grow.

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