What Is Hybrimercial Design?

In last week’s blog post we spoke about Resimercial Design, what it is and how it is having a positive affect on the working environment. The word itself sounds like it’s made-up, and in a sense it is. It is a combination of Residential and Commercial, which neatly sums up what the design concept is about.

This week we bring you Hybrimercial; now this really is made up, by us here at 20six HQ, but we think the concept behind this will be something we will be seeing on a high street near you in the not so distant future.

We’re using the term Hybrimercial as the two words, hybrid and commercial, combined and it’s based upon an article we read about a new marketing firm, Buzzbar, that has set up “shop” in London. The idea behind the company is to allow drop-in marketing sessions for cash-strapped start-ups and they have taken the best elements from commercial design and thrown them all into one commercial property.

Taking ideas from a retail establishment, based on a similar design to the Apple stores, they have that fresh, open feeling with staff hovering able to assist you in your marketing journey. Then they have the best co-working design ideas to give the office feeling to the environment, with spaces for people to mix and to work individually while they wait. Then there are the Juice bars one would associate with an on-trend café, and the Wellness sessions of the likes of Yoga classes.

This marketing firm has taken all the elements of successful modern commercial properties and made a space where individuals are welcomed and are more than happy to return to again and again. We foresee this type of evolving design concept as being a way forward for several industry types.

We would like to lay claim to our own terminology for it but are pretty sure that someone out there will come up with something even better than Hybrimercial to sum up a working environment that takes elements of retail, office, fitness studio and cafe and makes the whole thing into a great space for all.

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