Tree House Offices

For once we are experiencing a “proper” summer here in England; for weeks on end now, certainly for us based here in the South East, we have woken up to sunshine and warmth. With this glorious weather though come a few challenges, particularly for those of you stuck inside stuffy, stifling offices (if this is you, check out our tips on staying cool in the office).

How lovely would it be to be able to take your laptop outside and sit under the shade of a tree to work? Sound good? How about taking this one step further and working in the tree?

There has been a consistent rise in the interest and popularity of tree houses, significantly since the mid-1990s. Once the preserve of children and their imaginary games, more and more adults are commissioning specialist companies to build them fully functioning tree houses.

On the back of the popularity of biophilic design and the recognition that as human beings we are more productive in the work place when we feel connected to nature, Microsoft has also decided to hang out in the canopy.

Designed by Peter Nelson, Nelson’s Tree Houses, the trees at Microsoft's corporate headquarters in Redmond, Washington, were used to create three tree house work spaces for their employees. “With two covered meeting rooms, a wide deck space, and a lofty crow's nest, these tree houses bring employees into nature for improved focus and creativity.”

Now we are really proud of our 20sixltd HQ here in Sussex, but we have to confess to a teeny tiny bit of office envy for this tree house office. Check out the video below to see why we’d like to be hanging about in the trees, particularly in this weather.

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