Smart Office Blinds

You may recall back in May of this year we wrote a blog post on Smart Office Walls - now it's the windows turn to get a smart dressing.

The recent survey of 1,000 GB-based office workers undertaken by YouGov found that 32% would like more access to natural light - indeed, light levels play an integral part in employees well-being, satisfaction with their work place and productivity levels. So it would seem a smart move to introduce smart blinds.

What Are Smart Blinds?

The most basic smart blinds can be motorised, enabling you to click a button for them to open or close. More advanced options will give you the option to set timers for the blinds. Connecting to your Virtual Assistants, such as Google Dot and Amazon's Alexa, we get the advancement of light sensitive activation, whereby your office blinds will sense the light levels and the weather outside and open and close automatically. If you also have smart lighting installed, the two can work alongside each other so that when the blinds open, the lights go off and vice versa.

There are, of course, a couple of downsides to these types of window coverings. Firstly they are beholden to a decent, continuous internet connection. And we could argue that by having the blinds automatically open and close you are missing the opportunity of getting up and walking away from your desk, albeit only briefly.

That being said, we are seeing smarter solutions coming in for commercial properties that will make for energy and financial savings for businesses in the long term, and are looking forward to seeing what new technological developments occur to make all of our working environments better places to be.

“Smart” Office Walls

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