Healthy Workspace?

How Do We Create A Healthier Workspace?

There have been various studies carried out that demonstrate the link between staff morale and well being, and a company’s productivity. In the simplest terms, it has been proven that  happy, healthy employees make for a happy, healthy business.

How do you create a healthy workspace for your staff? We’ve come up with five ideas that will be beneficial to all who work in your offices.

5 Ways To Create A Healthier Workspace:

Clean And Shiny: Research carried out by the University of Arizona discovered that the average desktop has 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. How often do we clean our keyboards and desks? We may have an office cleaner in at the end of the day to empty the bins and vacuum the floors, but what about our office desks? Perhaps we need to start thinking about our personal work stations and add cleaning them down as part of our end of day routines.

Green Fingers: Quite apart from buying into the biophilic trend for office design, adding plants has been proven to enhance the well being of staff and will contribute to cleaner air. Having plants in the office also demonstrates to clients that as a company you are capable of nurturing and caring for others, an additional trust building factor for customers.

Natural Lighting: Studies carried out by the scientist Mirjam Muench demonstrated that natural daylight levels directly affected workers productivity. The less natural light, the more tired workers were. Getting your work place lighting levels correct is essential for both the health and the well being of your staff.

Office Noise: Another work place study carried out by Oxford Economics found that more than half of employees surveyed cited poor office acoustic design as reducing their productivity at work. Offices are sometimes designed as beautiful work spaces, without enough consideration given to the acoustics. Glass walls, sheet rock or open ceilings and tiled floors are trendy with designers at the moment, but they don’t do much for noise levels in an office. Making sure your work space has optimal acoustics for all who work there will contribute to a healthy environment.

Ergonomic Furniture: Have you ever totted up how many hours a day you are sat at your desk? We would hazard a guess that it’s quite a few – and for a lot of people, they sit for longer periods that they are active. Getting your office chairs and desks to be as supportive and comfortable as possible is essential for all of your workers. There are a wide variety of options for ergonomic office furniture solutions and we are happy to advise as to the best options for your needs.

We have extensive, hands-on experience of helping a wide range of businesses develop a healthier commercial environment for their employees. If you would like help making your workspace more productive, please get in touch with us and see how we can help.

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