Activity Based Working

Trends and “fads” come and go in the world of office design, but the well-being of employees is fundamental to any organisation’s success and therefore so much more than a passing whim. One area that is seeing a rise in commercial design is that of Activity Based Working – but what is it and how do we incorporate it into office fit outs?

What Is Activity Based Working?

Traditional work places gave an employee a specific location from which to work – your desk was your work place and each day this is where you would come and spend the working day. Activity Based Working (ABW) recognises that this style of working doesn’t suit all employees over their lifetime of work.

ABW encourages workers to physically locate themselves where they feel it most suitable for them to work from. The work place is designed and set up to enable opportunities for a variety of workplace activities providing the environment suitable to the task at hand. Setting up your office like this will give you the chance to work in a small, quiet space when you require maximum concentration, or a private meeting, and wide, open spaces where you can come together with other employees and bounce ideas off of one another.

This style of commercial interior design recognises that we have different requirements throughout our working day and that the creation of choice for spaces in which to work will enable employers to gain the maximum from their staff.

Of course, ABW is not for everyone, it must be relevant to your workforce, to who they are and what they do at work. If you would like to know whether Activity Based Working is right for your office, or any other aspect of commercial property set up, please get in touch with us here at 20sixltd.

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