5 Reasons To Use Glass Walls

Using glass partitions in an office fit-out is a very successful way to seemingly reduce space whilst maintaining the appearance of openness. There are several benefits of using glass to divide up space within an office and we have come up with 5 reasons why you should consider incorporating glass walls within your commercial interior refurbishment.

5 Reasons To Use Glass Partitions In Your Office

The Acoustics: Glass has the benefit of being visually transparent and at the same time blocking noise. Utilising double glazing works as effectively within an office environment as it does in your home, letting the light filter through but cutting the noise levels out.

Open and Closed: Glass walls act as open barriers – on the one hand they divide physical space up, giving you a defined working space, whilst at the same time allow others visual access. Glass allows you to section off your office without losing the sense of openness.

Predicting the Future: We’re not claiming that glass partitions are akin to crystal balls, more that they are a great option of you are planning on redesigning your office space at some point in the future. Easily installed with minimum disruption and just as easily taken down or moved, glass wall partitions are a simple yet effective option.

The Light: We’ve already mentioned the importance of natural light on productivity in a previous blog post, and of course glass maximises the amount of natural light dispersed into a room, creating a sense of a bright and airy space. As an added bonus, the more natural light that you have within your work space, the less you will need to spend on artificial lighting costs.

The Look: Glass is a timeless design statement, and using glass walls within your work space will provide you with contemporary looking office with a bright, clean, and modern design. Glass partitions allow you to create a whole new space within your existing parameters, whilst simultaneously giving an instant sleek and elegant makeover.

If you are interested in finding out more about glass walls and glass partitioning solutions then please get in touch with us here at 20sixltd.

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