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3 Keys To Success

Project Management: Three Steps To Success

In any office design, refurbishment or move the key to success is thorough planning. Engaging the talents of an experienced project management firm to oversee everything should ensure that your ideas become reality with minimal headaches.

20six have decades of experience in successful project management and here are what we feel are the three most essential elements.

Office Project Management | 3 Keys To Success

The Key Is In The Detail: Ensuring that you are aware of the entire project before you start by creating an intricately detailed project scope will help a smooth transition. Include deliverable dates and a budget worksheet, but always allow for change requests that are inevitable on any given project.

The Key Is In The Clarity: It is essential that you have the right project management team in place. Be crystal clear about who is responsible for what and their individual deadlines. It is vital that each member of the team understands what is expected from them.

The Key Is In The Communication: Regular communication with all members of the project management team as well as the client is the best way to ensure a project is on track. Hold regular project status meetings if you can meet in person, or schedule regular calls to ensure open and clear communication for all concerned, but either way, keep them short.

Having the right project management team in place, with the experience and knowledge to help guide you through your office changes will make the process as stress-free and cost effective as possible.