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The Perfect Boardroom?

It would be nice, wouldn’t it? If there was such a thing as the perfect boardroom blueprint – a universal plan that ticked the boxes of all companies; a common design that if followed would create the perfect meeting space. Is there such a thing? Of course not – nor could there ever be.

Boardroom Design | Why There Is No One-Size Fits All

There has been a trend for personal work spaces becoming smaller areas, leaving more room for communal work areas. With evidence being procured on a regular basis that the more collaborative members of a workforce are, the more productive they become, the traditional stuffy style of boardroom has declined. Meetings are less about being talked at more about listening to, and dynamic interaction is actively encouraged amongst some of the more progressive modern companies.

This doesn’t apply exclusively to boardrooms of course – all aspects of office design, fit-out and furniture are progressing, with the employees’ health, wellbeing and input placed at the forefront of design ideas and planning. You may no longer refer to the room where you all come together as the boardroom – but whatever you call your meeting space it has to be designed to encourage positive participation.

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