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Office Design Ideas For 2019

As the year draws to an end and offices and commercial buildings across the land are decked out in garish Christmas decorations, we can start to think about how our work spaces are going to look come the new year when once again stripped bare of the coloured tinsel and flashing lights. Taking down the festive adornments can sometimes show just how tired your working environment is looking and highlight the need for a fresh design for your office in 2019.

5 Office Design Ideas For 2019

Colour: The near universal use of “colours” such as Magnolia in commercial property has everything to do with budget – being the cheapest option to buy and therefore touch up, it can also be paired with pretty much any other colour. But giving your work space a more personal colour can brighten the environment and bring the company branding into the office in more cohesive pattern.

Kitchen: Often cited as the heart of the home and the most popular place for people to gather at a party, the office kitchen is often overlooked. We’ve probably all come across those “kitchens” that are little more than a dark cupboard where you’re too scared to use the cups as you’re unsure of the hygiene. But this is a great space to spend some of your budget on as it should be an area where all employees, no matter what department, can come and meet up and exchange thoughts, ideas and conversations.

Furniture: Ergonomic office furniture is not a fad – it should be a pre-requisite for any working environment. From the options of sit-stand desks to office chairs that support your posterior and protect your posture, getting the correct furniture will help the health and wellbeing of your staff.

Flooring: There are a myriad of options for office flooring, and you need to take into consideration the function as much as the form, but replacing old, threadbare carpets or peeling lino can bring a whole new feel to your work space. From carpet tiles through to wooden floors, we often overlook what’s right underneath our feet.

Lighting: Arguably the most important area of your overall design plan, getting your office lighting right has been scientifically proven to improve your work force’s productivity. One of the key tenets here is to ensure that there is as much natural daylight as possible without having sunshine cause overheating or disabling computer screens due to the reflective glare.

20sixltd have extensive hands-on experience of helping a wide range of market sectors to achieve a workable office design that supports their staff and reflects their brand. If you are looking to update, revamp or completely redesign your office space in 2019 please get in touch to see how we can help you to achieve your desired working environment.

The Eudaimonia Machine

The hours that we clock up at work and the time spent actually doing work are different things. We may get to our office by 8am and not leave until 5.30 but the time in between this that we are being truly productive will be significantly less.

Two recent studies have concluded that the average worker spends less than 60% or their working day being productive and that for some only 2 hours and 53 minutes of an 8-hour workday are spent working.

Couple this with UK productivity reportedly being among the lowest in the developed world, and you can begin to see that we have a national problem. But what if we could use design to change this, to optimise those precious work hours?

Enter the new design concept of the Eudaimonia Machine. “The what?” we hear you say - the Eudaimonia Machine is a precise work space layout based upon Aristotle's concept of eudaimonia, meaning the epitome of human capability. And it’s not quite as complex as it might at first sound.

Eudaimonia describes the highest state of being – a classic example given to illustrate this is that of a kitchen knife: eudaimonia for a knife is being sharp and cutting. If it’s dull or just resting on the counter, it’s not achieving its highest state. And this concept is being applied to people when they are at work and how the environment that they work in can assist in them being fully productive.

In an attempt to reduce the distractions that we all face on a daily basis in the work place, the Eudaimonia Machine design is based on matching spaces to specific tasks and mindsets. It is about putting the “human” at the centre of office design rather than technology. Work spaces are divided into distinct zones, with areas for socialising having furniture you would be more used to seeing in your homes, and spaces where the hard work needs to be accomplished having more traditional office furniture.

Other zones are included as well, such as “well-being” spaces that may have a proliferation of plants, or showering facilities, and libraries full of books that will help staff achieve their potential, but minus technology that can be as distracting as it can helpful.

The ideas behind this design concept are still in their infancy, with a New York store trailing an experimental retail concept that has just opened, and two more projects in the pipeline in the US. Will this design concept take off? We’ll have to watch and see in 2019, but the tenet behind it makes sound architectural and commercial sense.

Recruitment, Retention and Design

How Office Design Plays A Direct Impact Upon Recruitment And Retention

We’re pretty certain that Aristotle didn’t have office design in his thoughts when he coined the phrase "The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts", but after reading the results of a survey on recruitment, retention and office design, we can safely apply it now. Echoing the T.E.A.M. acronym—Together, Everyone Achieves More – for any business to be a success you need the people on board to make it happen.

With this in mind, lets sit back for a moment and have a look around our own office space – and in light of this survey’s findings, even more importantly have a fresh look at the room in which you conduct interviews.

“Can’t get the staff these days”

Of the of 1,000 UK office workers questioned, almost half (48 percent) cited that the room where they were interviewed for a job would influence their opinion of whether or not to work for an organisation.  A whopping 41% say a modern office is a key factor when deciding to accept or reject a job offer, and 43% admit that they’ve rejected job offers in the past due to uninspiring offices.

But it’s not just in recruitment that your office space plays a part – 39% blamed a dull office as being a key reason for leaving a previous position, and 22% said they would settle for a 10% reduction in salary to move to a modern office.

Office design plays a huge role in the well being of your employees, and how frustrating to lose great members of staff, and to not be able to replace them. just because your work space environment is not up to scratch?

Upping the budget on creating a commercial interior fit for the best employees may not be a priority in your overall business budgeting expenses, but the evidence suggests that if you want your company to be better than your competitors, to recruit the best staff and to retain exceptional employees, then office design should be right up there as a prerequisite.


What Every Office Needs?

As an established office fit out and office furniture supplier, we are acutely aware of how office design can play an important role on employee health and well being. We all know that the sedentary nature of today's office staff is having a detrimental impact upon workers and we are all being encouraged to move more.

The insurance company Vitality has recently announced it is going to reward its customers who do a certain amount of exercise, and these incentives can become more lucrative the more you do. The idea is that as people become more active they can lower their health risk, lower their risk of morbidity and mortality, and decrease their insurance "risk".

A major stumbling block for a lot of workers is the one thing every office needs, but most offices lack - showering facilities.

What Every Office Should Have

Here at 20six when we designed our own offices we made sure that we included an office shower - this gives all of our employees the option of cycling to work, or swapping a sarnie at their desk for "runch".

Brighton has been promoting sustainability for several years, with a huge push for more people to either use public transport of cycle/walk to and from work. But Brighton is also a city that is built upon small businesses - there are one or two large employers in the city but by and large Brighton is made up of smaller offices. You may well get your shower cubicles in the likes of Google and Reebok, but they are sadly lacking in the majority of offices.

A shower and changing facility doesn't take up an enormous amount of space, and so we feel this should be pushed to the forefront of any office planning and design - a small addition that benefits the health of your workforce and the environment at the same time.