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Can Art Boost Productivity?

The Art of Design?

How do you feel about your employees popping open a new tab and taking a look at Facebook during the working day? We imagine that, unless they are your social media marketing department, you’d be none too pleased. We’re used to the theory that distractions are bad things in the work place and as such office fit outs have reflected this stark, get-on-with-your-job theory within work space design.

But what if distraction was a good thing – if it helped boost morale and increase productivity?

Dr Knight, a specialist in the psychology of working environments at the University of Exeter, believes that far from having a negative impact, some forms of distraction have positive outcomes: “If you enrich a space people feel much happier and work better; and a very good way of doing this is by using art.”

Knight arrived at this conclusion after carrying out studies whereby he placed the same set of workers into three different work environments for an hour at a time. When the workers were in an environment where they not only had plants and art around them, but where they could also choose where the plants and the art should be placed, there was a whopping 30% increase in productivity.

Can you imagine how much more your company could achieve if your employees were 30% more productive? And you could achieve this increase by altering the little touches within your office? We think this is a great idea and we actively encourage all our clients to include aspects of greenery in their fit outs and refurbishments. And now we’re off into bustling Brighton to have a look at some inspirational pieces of local art to enhance the commercial interiors of our new projects.

Office Colours For 2018

For any commercial interior design process colour will be part of the discussion. Ideally this will match your branding but with the need to keep your working environment looking fresh and modern, incorporating the latest colours will help to keep your business work place ahead of the competition.

What Is The Office Colour For 2018?

The official line is that "PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet,  is the colour of the Year 2018." Whilst going purple might not please everyone there are ways of including the latest splash of colour in a variety of ways that can blend with your existing set up.

5 Ways to Introduce Pantone's Colour of the Year 'Ultra Violet' into your Office

Reception Area: First impressions really count, so you can make the office reception area work in your favour by adding the latest design ideas and colours. Whether it be the seating fabrics, paintings on the walls or a splash of colour in the curtains, shutters or blinds, this is a simple way to add ultra violet into your office reception.

Office Flooring: If your work space has tired looking carpets, you could replace using this season's colour. Or think long term for your office floor options - rather than replacing with one block of colour, carpet tiles can be added, changed and removed as the trending colours dictate.

Office Lighting: As well as being a major factor in work place productivity, office lighting has a large role to play in getting your commercial design looking tip top. From the humble lamp shade through to smart bulbs that can be changed by voice command, there are numerous options for colour here.

Office Partitioning: There are a vast array of options for dividing up commercial interiors, and office partitions can be customised with images and colours to enhance your office's look.

Office Accessories: From bins to desk tidys, flora to storage units, there are a plethora of items around any working environment that can be customised to reflect the latest trends in colour.

We know that purple isn't everyone's cup of tea but we hope that the ideas for enhancing your commercial interiors to reflect the latest in design trends will be useful whether you want to update now, or should you prefer to wait until the 2019 colour of the year is announced. In addition, they can all be used to customise any work space with any colour of your choice at any time that you're ready for an office refit.


Wood and Commercial Design

Commercial design has been getting greener for several years now with the trending buzz word being that of biophilic design. Making your working environment a healthier, more natural space can only be good for employees and the environment.

So how can you achieve a greener, healthier, more biophilic work space?

Using Wood To Achieve Biophilic Work Spaces

We’re not sure of the exact numbers in the UK (we’re taking a gamble and guessing it’s not too dissimilar) but in the US it is estimated that the average person spends 90% of their time indoors – that’s a huge amount of your life.  Surely then, this places even more emphasis on the design of all of our buildings, including our office spaces, to promote healthy, productive, functional, creative and enjoyable environments to spend time in.

A simple way to achieve this is to incorporate wood (of course we are advocating sustainable wood here). This natural resource can be used in the structure of the building, the floors, walls and ceilings; it can be used in the office furniture, the desks, chairs and partitions; and it can be used on other work place accessories.

5 Reasons To Use Wood In Commercial Design

Beauty: With a range of colours and finishes, wood brings a special beauty.

Air Quality: The more you manage to include in your office environment, the more wood can improve and enhance your indoor air quality.

Acoustics: Consider the difference made by an office full of employees walking over stone or tile laid directly over concrete verses a wooden floor. Wood helps to absorb sound rather than bounce it back throughout the room.

Insulation: Wooden walls, partitions and cladding can enhance thermal comfort, and increase energy efficiency within a commercial environment.

Biophilic Benefits: More than just the buzzword of the moment, a biophilic working environment promotes health, well-being and productivity among workers. Biophilic translates as the innate wellness humans feel towards nature and bringing more wood into your office is a great way to achieve this.

20sixltd have extensive experience of helping all types of businesses achieve a more salubrious working environment, so if you would like to embrace biophilic design into your commercial environment please get in touch with us to see how we can help you to achieve this.

5 Reasons To Use Glass Walls

Using glass partitions in an office fit-out is a very successful way to seemingly reduce space whilst maintaining the appearance of openness. There are several benefits of using glass to divide up space within an office and we have come up with 5 reasons why you should consider incorporating glass walls within your commercial interior refurbishment.

5 Reasons To Use Glass Partitions In Your Office

The Acoustics: Glass has the benefit of being visually transparent and at the same time blocking noise. Utilising double glazing works as effectively within an office environment as it does in your home, letting the light filter through but cutting the noise levels out.

Open and Closed: Glass walls act as open barriers – on the one hand they divide physical space up, giving you a defined working space, whilst at the same time allow others visual access. Glass allows you to section off your office without losing the sense of openness.

Predicting the Future: We’re not claiming that glass partitions are akin to crystal balls, more that they are a great option of you are planning on redesigning your office space at some point in the future. Easily installed with minimum disruption and just as easily taken down or moved, glass wall partitions are a simple yet effective option.

The Light: We’ve already mentioned the importance of natural light on productivity in a previous blog post, and of course glass maximises the amount of natural light dispersed into a room, creating a sense of a bright and airy space. As an added bonus, the more natural light that you have within your work space, the less you will need to spend on artificial lighting costs.

The Look: Glass is a timeless design statement, and using glass walls within your work space will provide you with contemporary looking office with a bright, clean, and modern design. Glass partitions allow you to create a whole new space within your existing parameters, whilst simultaneously giving an instant sleek and elegant makeover.

If you are interested in finding out more about glass walls and glass partitioning solutions then please get in touch with us here at 20sixltd.