Treadmill Meetings?

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The ‘Workplace of the Future’

The Future For Office Design?

Who would have thought that an Accountancy firm would be leading the way in the future of office design?

And yet the accountancy giant, Ernst & Young, have introduced us to the concept of the 'Workplace of the Future' and are gradually rolling this out across all of the group’s offices.

So what does the 'Workplace of the Future' look like in the eyes of EY?

The 'Workplace of the Future'

The two key words here are fluidity and collaboration.

"You will not be assigned your own desk, but will typically use five or six different work settings throughout your day. This set up is designed to reflect your working journey through the day which might include the school run, visiting a client, and working on a new project."

Along with no permanent desk, laptops and smart phones are the norm rather than static desktops, so connectivity and mobility of all forms of tech are a prerequisite.

"Flexible working is part of the culture, with the concept of people working in ‘neighbourhoods within the office’, moving around the office according to the client or project that they are working on at any given time."

Most of Ernst & Young's London offices have embraced the 'Workplace of the Future'; The Birmingham office was converted last year and the Manchester offices are next on the list. All in all, 60,000 of the 220,000 people EY employs in 150 countries operate under the new style of office.

Will the 'Workplace of the Future' be successful? Is this a model of office design that will work for all market sectors? Only time will tell. And would you be happy to work in an office environment where you had no permanent work station? Does this fluid style of working suit the job that you do?

Why Your Office Needs a Makeover

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