Tree House Offices

For once we are experiencing a “proper” summer here in England; for weeks on end now, certainly for us based here in the South East, we have woken up to sunshine and warmth. With this glorious weather though come a few challenges, particularly for those of you stuck inside stuffy, stifling offices (if this is you, check out our tips on staying cool in the office).

How lovely would it be to be able to take your laptop outside and sit under the shade of a tree to work? Sound good? How about taking this one step further and working in the tree?

There has been a consistent rise in the interest and popularity of tree houses, significantly since the mid-1990s. Once the preserve of children and their imaginary games, more and more adults are commissioning specialist companies to build them fully functioning tree houses.

On the back of the popularity of biophilic design and the recognition that as human beings we are more productive in the work place when we feel connected to nature, Microsoft has also decided to hang out in the canopy.

Designed by Peter Nelson, Nelson’s Tree Houses, the trees at Microsoft's corporate headquarters in Redmond, Washington, were used to create three tree house work spaces for their employees. “With two covered meeting rooms, a wide deck space, and a lofty crow's nest, these tree houses bring employees into nature for improved focus and creativity.”

Now we are really proud of our 20sixltd HQ here in Sussex, but we have to confess to a teeny tiny bit of office envy for this tree house office. Check out the video below to see why we’d like to be hanging about in the trees, particularly in this weather.

Commercial Property News

Within the commercial property sector there has been a lot of discussion about the effects that Brexit will/is having upon the market. It is well known that a number of high profile companies plan to leave London once the Brexit process has been finalised, and that has had a negative effect upon the demand for commercial premises.

Whilst London in particular has seen a marked decline in interest, this isn’t the same across the entire UK.

Online commercial estate agent, Virtual Commercial, recently conducted research into the availability of commercial properties across 20 of the UK’s major cities to determine what proportion of the total property stock listed is selling.

Their results indicated that there are only four cities that are currently less appealing to buyers on the commercial market than London: Cardiff, Portsmouth, Swindon and Oxford.

While London continues to struggle with sales of commercial real estate, there are a number of other areas of the UK seeing strong gains in the commercial market. The top five of these are: Southampton, Aberdeen, Cambridge, Brighton and Bristol.

If we focus on the capitol the picture looks gloomy, but with Southampton managing to shift 43.8% of all properties listed online as sold subject to contract or under offer, the overall picture for the UK’s commercial market appears more rosy.







How To Stay Cool At Work

Summer has well and truly arrived in the UK, with the hashtag #ukheatwave trending on both Twitter and Instagram. For a lot of Brits the weather is "too hot" - it would be fine if we were on holiday but being crammed into over-heated trains and buses and then walking into an office the same temperature as a sauna does not make for a productive day.

If you are lucky enough to have air con in your workplace you should be ok - but for those who don't we've compiled a list of top tips for staying cool in the office.

10 Ways To Stay Cool In The Office

Coffee Break: Staying hydrated is the number one priority for all, but coffee and tea both contain caffeine that can increase your heart rate and subsequently your blood flow, causing your temperature to rise. Swap your coffee break for a water break.

Work In The Dark: Well, not completely, but closing curtains or blinds will help to keep the harsh, hot sunlight from raising the temperature further so if you can cover your windows this will help.

Fantastic: Bring in a personal fan to put on your desk, or if your boss agrees ask for one to be provided. If you have room place a bowl of iced water in front of the fan so that air from the fan is cooled as it passes over the cold water.

Easy Breezy: If possible, try and create a path through the office for any breeze to come through - a door opened that is opposite a window will allow any light winds to come through the room.

Stand To Attention: Sitting all day is bad for the health, and in this heat can leave you practically stuck to your chair. By standing and working from your desk you will allow more air to circulate around your body.

Flexitime: If you are not bound by a rigid set of hours consider working early in the day or into the early evening. The cooler air at both ends of the day will allow you to work more comfortably.

Switch Off: Anything that you have in the office that you don't require, turn it off. Lights and computers can generate a fair amount of heat so if you are not using them switch them off.

Snacktastic: Try and avoid eating large meals, as this makes your metabolism work harder to digest them, which in turn increases your bodies’ temperature. Grazing on light meals will help your temperature to stay lower.

Dab It: Taking regular breaks from your desk has been proven to aid productivity and when you do this pop by the sink and run cold water over your wrists. This will cool the main veins that run through your wrists and will lower the temperature of your blood flow.

Ditch It: There are companies that have strict dress codes for work, but if yours isn't one of them dress for the heat. No, we're not advocating turning up in beach gear, but lighter, cotton fabrics will help as will ditching the suit jacket and tie. You can dress smartly and stay cool.

Whether you love this weather or loathe it, we hope that you are managing to stay cool in your work place.

Cockleshell Endeavour Latest Update


Its been more than a month since we told you about 20six sponsoring Steve and Mick in the Great Pacific race so we thought we should give you an update.

On 16th June they had a bit of a set back, when they snapped not one, but two oars - luckily all boats carry spares. The weather hasn't been terribly kind to them, nor to some of the other competitors, and Bojangles is now just one of three boats left in the race. We have this as the latest update from the Great Pacific Race website, and you can follow them live on the home page tracker.



On June 20th we had another update from our intrepid rowers via their Facebook Page that informed us:

"We’re getting there. First 11 days challenging. Wet through and cold throughout.. oh and a gale to contend with."

Then two days ago we heard this from them,

"Finally looks like a gap in the weather to get west. Temperature is better too at last! All good and hopefully the end of a pretty tough start. Looks good for westerly progress at last.. all downhill now!"

We are so proud of these guys and all that they are achieving - it is an absolute honor to be sponsoring their boat and we wish them continued good luck. If you would like to show your support we are in no doubt that they would welcome it, so please see the links below to their Facebook and Just Giving Pages.



We've heard more news via their Facebook Page: Were you aware that of the three remaining boats it's only ours that has two rowers? Pacific Terrific are a trio, and Uniting Nations are a team of four. And, of course, one of our rowers is also blind.

Having been at sea now for three weeks, the team are making fantastic progress, rowing an incredible 23 nm over the last 24 hours and are officially rowing in the “right direction” - all of the boats are pointing towards Hawaii for the first time.

We'll let you all know when we get more news ourselves, but here in the 20sixltd offices we couldn't be more proud of the guys.