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Its been more than a month since we told you about 20six sponsoring Steve and Mick in the Great Pacific race so we thought we should give you an update.

On 16th June they had a bit of a set back, when they snapped not one, but two oars - luckily all boats carry spares. The weather hasn't been terribly kind to them, nor to some of the other competitors, and Bojangles is now just one of three boats left in the race. We have this as the latest update from the Great Pacific Race website, and you can follow them live on the home page tracker.



On June 20th we had another update from our intrepid rowers via their Facebook Page that informed us:

"We’re getting there. First 11 days challenging. Wet through and cold throughout.. oh and a gale to contend with."

Then two days ago we heard this from them,

"Finally looks like a gap in the weather to get west. Temperature is better too at last! All good and hopefully the end of a pretty tough start. Looks good for westerly progress at last.. all downhill now!"

We are so proud of these guys and all that they are achieving - it is an absolute honor to be sponsoring their boat and we wish them continued good luck. If you would like to show your support we are in no doubt that they would welcome it, so please see the links below to their Facebook and Just Giving Pages.



We've heard more news via their Facebook Page: Were you aware that of the three remaining boats it's only ours that has two rowers? Pacific Terrific are a trio, and Uniting Nations are a team of four. And, of course, one of our rowers is also blind.

Having been at sea now for three weeks, the team are making fantastic progress, rowing an incredible 23 nm over the last 24 hours and are officially rowing in the “right direction” - all of the boats are pointing towards Hawaii for the first time.

We'll let you all know when we get more news ourselves, but here in the 20sixltd offices we couldn't be more proud of the guys.


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