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Cockleshell Endeavour Latest Update


Its been more than a month since we told you about 20six sponsoring Steve and Mick in the Great Pacific race so we thought we should give you an update.

On 16th June they had a bit of a set back, when they snapped not one, but two oars - luckily all boats carry spares. The weather hasn't been terribly kind to them, nor to some of the other competitors, and Bojangles is now just one of three boats left in the race. We have this as the latest update from the Great Pacific Race website, and you can follow them live on the home page tracker.



On June 20th we had another update from our intrepid rowers via their Facebook Page that informed us:

"We’re getting there. First 11 days challenging. Wet through and cold throughout.. oh and a gale to contend with."

Then two days ago we heard this from them,

"Finally looks like a gap in the weather to get west. Temperature is better too at last! All good and hopefully the end of a pretty tough start. Looks good for westerly progress at last.. all downhill now!"

We are so proud of these guys and all that they are achieving - it is an absolute honor to be sponsoring their boat and we wish them continued good luck. If you would like to show your support we are in no doubt that they would welcome it, so please see the links below to their Facebook and Just Giving Pages.



We've heard more news via their Facebook Page: Were you aware that of the three remaining boats it's only ours that has two rowers? Pacific Terrific are a trio, and Uniting Nations are a team of four. And, of course, one of our rowers is also blind.

Having been at sea now for three weeks, the team are making fantastic progress, rowing an incredible 23 nm over the last 24 hours and are officially rowing in the “right direction” - all of the boats are pointing towards Hawaii for the first time.

We'll let you all know when we get more news ourselves, but here in the 20sixltd offices we couldn't be more proud of the guys.


Ways To Improve Office Wellbeing

During the 1960s we saw the advent of office-centric design and the birth of governing bodies providing new industry standards and uniformity. These were exciting times for both office designers and furniture designers as we explored what the office should look like and how it should function.

The work space was the focus of attention then, with designers thinking of the look and trying to set precedents for trends in commercial design. What was not at the forefront of  those designers were the people who would be using their ideas – the workers.

Fast forward 50 years and the tide has turned. Any decent new project will have those who will be most affected by the ideas at the heart of the design. We have moved from office-centric design to employee-centric design.

So, can we make an existing office more employee-centric? If you’re not in a position to completely redesign your workspace or to move premises, are there changes that you can make within your existing working environment to improve office wellbeing?

3 Ways To Improve Wellbeing In Your Workplace:

Movement: The most obvious starting point has to be the area of work that we are all familiar with – sitting for long periods of time is bad for us, we all know that. Sitting puts more pressure on your back than standing and a sedentary lifestyle has been linked to number of health issues including heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Having height adjustable desks is one way we can address this, enabling workers to switch between seated and standing positions during their working day. Ergonomic chairs will also help, and by adapting your office furniture you are on the right path to helping your workforce.

But movement doesn’t stop at office desks and chairs. Encouraging your staff to move around your office, with breaks away from their desk every hour or so will improve productivity. By rethinking your current office setup you can help your employees move more freely around the office and encourage collaboration amongst different departments.

Sound: If you’ve received a phone call from one of those large call centres you’ll have heard a lot of background noise – office noise has been named as one of the biggest bug-bears among staff contributing to a lack of concentration and overall frustrations. The trend for an open plan office didn’t help the acoustics, but there are ways of reducing unwanted sound even if you are constricted by your current setup.

From your floor coverings through to your office partitions, from your office furniture through to your accessories, fixtures and fittings, there are noise solutions for most commercial properties. We’ve written about how to reduce your office noise, and you can read more here.

Light: Along with sound, there have been several interesting studies conducted into the affect of light upon workers with the results demonstrating just how important it is to get your office lighting levels spot on.

A working environment that is either dimly lit or too bright can cause workers to be less productive, with the dim light causing lethargy and the bright lights causing headaches and eye strain. The ideal solution is to have your employees exposed to as much natural light as possible, which has the additional bonus of saving on energy bills. Where this isn’t an option there are some great lighting solutions out there that will simulate natural light. We’ve written about getting your office lighting levels right, and you can read more about that here.

These are just three ways in which you can improve your current working environment for your self and your staff. Here at 20six we have considerable experience of redesigning and fitting out commercial properties to improve the wellbeing of all who work there, so if you would like further help or assistance with this then please do get in touch with us.

Mobile Furniture

What is the future of office design?

Its not unusual for us to get asked what we think the future office set up will be like. One developing area of commercial design that we believe will be moving to the forefront of new designs is that of mobile office furniture.

Modern office design is all about creating a working environment that is as flexible as your work force requires. Having moved away from the idea of the rigid office cubicle, we have learnt that for your employees to work more productively they need to be able to collaborate and come into regular contact with each other.

Mobile furniture helps to provide your work place with the flexibility to work as individuals, as smaller groups or come together en masse.

What is Mobile Office Furniture?

We’re not talking about those office chairs on wheels here, we’re talking more about walls. Walls that can be moved and that are smart, office partitions that can be used to create different types of space dependent upon the requirements of the moment. The best versions of these are now equipped with whiteboards, acoustic hoods and portable power points.

The beauty of this type of smart partitioning is that you can have multiple moveable whiteboards creating breakout areas that can easily be removed to form a large all-hands meeting area. Unused thoroughfares and disused corners can also be transformed into stand-up meeting spaces. You can make your workspace work for you dependent upon what needs to get done that day.

We wrote about smart office walls a few weeks ago (read more here) and we feel combining the interactive qualities being experimented with by Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) with walls that can be easily moved makes for some exciting developments in the future of office and commercial design.

The future of office design? The writing is on the wall…..

Steve, Mick and Bojangles – Update

You may recall us telling you about Steve and Mick's epic endeavour taking on the challenge of a lifetime rowing unaided from Monterey, California to Honolulu, Hawaii in the Great Pacific Race. 20six are very proud to be sponsoring their boat, Bojangles, and have received an update that we would like to share with you.

Can You Help?

They were due to have set sail already but inclement weather conditions have meant the race has been delayed - yes, it's not just us Brits that suffer from changeable weather!

Whilst they have used their time to their full advantage, checking and rechecking that Bojangles really is ship shape, it has caused a problem for them financially. We know a lot of you have already helped out with the funding, but if you have only just heard about this, or can spare a few more pennies, Steve and Mick would be so grateful for your assistance.

Mick and Steve are trying to raise as much money as they can for two charities that are close to their, and to 20six's, hearts - both the Blind Veterans UK, who have supported Steve since he lost his sight, and The Royal Marines Charity.

They have been working really hard to get this far, and the journey has only just begun. They are due to set sail tonight, at 2am UK time, and as always, we will keep you posted of how things are going for them.

If you can help we'd be so appreciative, and in case you needed to see more evidence of how hard these guys have worked so far, check out their video below of Bojangles final safety testing.